UN Human Rights Council 46th Session – Item 10: ID with the HC on Ukraine – 22 March 2021 – Intervention by ESTONIA

Madame President,

Estonia aligns with the statement delivered by the European Union.

Estonia would like to thank the OHCHR for its latest report and valuable information on human rights violations in Donbass region and Crimea.

Regrettably, compared to the period covered in the report, the security situation in Donbass has further deteriorated. The death toll of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians continues to rise.

We join the OHCHR in calling for independent international observers to have unimpeded access to the territories controlled by so-called “peoples’ republics” of Luhansk and Donetsk.

We are shocked by the testimonies of survivors of torture and ill-treatment in the Izolatsiia detention centre. We call on Russia to use its influence on its proxies to stop immediately this inhuman and degrading practice.

The detailed accounts of human rights violations in Crimea by the Russian occupying power against Crimean Tatars, including torture, forced confessions, arbitrary detentions and suppression of religious practice cause concern.

We are particularly worried by Russia’s repressive actions to shut down the voices of dissent.

We urge Russia to stop persecution, to release all political prisoners, to comply with international law, to withdraw from the occupied peninsula and to engage meaningfully in the Normandy format peace process and to start implementing the provisions of the Minsk agreements.

Madame High Commissioner,

You recommend to use all available channels to influence the self-proclaimed Republics, what could be the best channels and leverage for such influence?

Thank you!