HRC55 – Interactive Dialogue with the Fact-Finding mission on Islamic Republic of Iran – Statement by Estonia on behalf of the Nordic-Baltic Countries (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden) – 18 March 2024

Thank you, Mr. President, Madam Chair,

I have the honour to deliver this statement on behalf of the Nordic-Baltic states.

We thank the Fact-Finding mission for the report and express our strong support to the renewal of its mandate.

The report indicates widespread repressions following the 2022 protests, which particularly impacted women and girls and members of ethnic and religious minorities. We are deeply concerned about the many serious human rights violations outlined in the report, including murder, imprisonment, torture, rape and other forms of sexual violence, persecution and enforced disappearance.  The report states that many of the serious human rights violations that have been committed against women and girls may amount to the crime against humanity of gender persecution.

We are also deeply concerned about the unprecedented spike in executions. We oppose the use of the death penalty under all circumstances, including as a means to spread fear throughout society and chill dissent in the wake of the peaceful protests.

It seems clear from the report that use of lethal force and other illegal means by the security forces against protesters, including sexual and gender-based violence, is facilitated by an environment of sustained and systematic impunity for gross violations of human rights and an absence of accountability.

We admire, support and stand in solidarity with the people of Iran, particularly survivors and families of victims seeking justice, as well as women and girls, who show immense resilience and speak up against these violations.

I thank you.