UN Human Rights Council 40th Session

UN Human Rights Council 40th Session
Item 10 – General Debate
21 March 2019
Intervention by ESTONIA

Mr. President,

Estonia aligns itself with the statement delivered by the European Union. We highly appreciate the valuable work of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the OHCHR in the field of technical cooperation and capacity building.

Estonia remains deeply concerned about the humanitarian and human rights situation in the occupied regions of Georgia. The recent sudden death of a Georgian citizen under uncertain circumstances in the occupied region of Abkhazia is yet another reminder of grave conditions on the ground. It is crucial that justice and accountability would prevail, therefor such incidents should be thoroughly investigated. We regret that the authorities de facto in control in the occupied areas have failed to respect right to life, safety, freedom of movement and privacy. In this respect, we once again call on the authorities de facto in control in the occupied areas of South Ossetia and Abkhazia to grant unhindered access for OHCHR and other international humanitarian and human rights organizations to the mentioned territories.

Finally, it is important that the Geneva International Discussions continue, where a peaceful solution should be sought in good faith and a constructive manner. We welcome the resolution brought again to this Council by Georgia under the technical cooperation agenda item and see this as a conducive step towards a peaceful solution (to the conflict), and thus also in line with the objectives of the Geneva International Discussions.

Thank you!