UN Human Rights Council 42nd Session – General Debate (Item 2)

UN Human Rights Council 42nd Session
Item 2 – General Debate
10 September 2019
Intervention by ESTONIA


Mr President,
Distinguished High Commissioner,

Estonia fully aligns itself with the statement made by the European Union.
We value highly and commend the forceful advocacy for human rights by the High Commissioner throughout her mandate.

Protection and promotion of human rights is the cornerstone of sustainable development. We strongly agree with the advocates of a human rights-based approach to global policies and measures designed to address climate change. Urgently addressing the implications and challenges of the climate change needs our common efforts. Estonia strongly supports the more inclusive approach to engage with civil society, human rights defenders and indigenous peoples.

To conclude, we would call for a better use of the tools of the Council in providing the early warning signs in order to react and take action in a timelier manner. As a non-permanent member of the Security Council starting next year, we will strive towards greater accountability, coherence and transparency and will underscore that conflict prevention needs more attention and resources within the UN system.

Let me finally stress that it is crucial for all countries to cooperate fully with the OHCHR, treaty bodies and the Council’s mechanisms.

Thank you.