Universal Periodic Review of Eritrea

Universal Periodic Review of Eritrea
28 January 2019
Intervention by Estonia

Estonia welcomes the delegation of Eritrea to its third UPR.

Estonia notes positively the progress achieved on the right to education and the steps taken towards promoting gender equality, including by abolishing discriminatory practices against women and girls (notably FGM and early marriages).

We remain however concerned about the lack of progress on independent judiciary, lack of clarity on the status of the constitution, indefinite National Service and restrictions on freedom of expression. Thereby we would also like to reiterate the fundamental importance that non-discriminatory access to  internet have for exercising the freedom to seek, receive and impart information.

We hope that the membership of the Human Rights Council will provide a positive impetus for Eritrea to cooperate fully with all international and regional human rights mechanisms.

Estonia would like to make following recommendations:

  • grant Access and cooperate fully with the Special Rapporteur on Eritrea
  • establish an independent, impartial, and transparent judiciar
  • bring the legislation on freedom of expression into compliance with the ICCPR and enable independent, diverse and pluralistic media
  • reform the penal code to bring it into compliance with international human rights law

We wish you a successful review.

Thank you!