Universal Periodic Review of the Republic of Democratic Republic of Congo

Universal Periodic Review of the Republic of Democratic Republic of Congo
7 May 2019
Intervention by the delegation of Estonia

Estonia welcomes the delegation of the Democratic Republic of Congo to its 3rd UPR. We thank DRC for the report presented and for the additional information given.

Estonia welcomes the progress achieved by the DRC concerning several of the recommendations made during the last session of the UPR.

We note with appreciation that the DRC has incorporated the Rome Statute into domestic legislation, as recommended among others by Estonia during the second UPR cycle.

We also commend the establishment of the National Human Rights Commission and encourage DRC to look into possibilities for additional financial resources for an even more effective functioning of the Commission.

Estonia has positively noted the steps for advancing the legal protection of the rights of women and girls as well as the activities undertaken to prevent and put an end to the recruitment and use of children. We encourage further activities to ensure a life free from violence for all children and to combat conflict related sexual violence.

Estonia would like to make the following recommendations:
• Ensure the functioning of an independent judicial system and facilitate victims’ effective access to justice.
• Fully protect everyone’s rights to freedom of expression, assembly, and association.
• Continue with the expansion of free primary education for all children free of charge.

We wish the Democratic Republic of the Congo a successful session.

Thank you!