Universal Periodic Review of the Republic of Iraq – 11 November 2019


Universal Periodic Review of the Republic of Iraq

11 November 2019

Intervention by the delegation of Estonia



Estonia welcomes the delegation of Iraq to the UPR working group.

We note with appreciation the increasing role of women in Iraqi politics and society, including electing 83 female MPs to the Iraqi Parliament in May 2018.

Estonia notes with concern the excessive use of force against protestors and deplores the high number of death and injuries in this context. We urge Iraq to ensure the right to peaceful assembly and the freedom of expression.

Moreover, we are concerned that Iraqi family, criminal, labour and inheritance laws do not guarantee the same rights for women as for men. Most notably, we remain disturbed by the use of “honour” as a lawful defence for violence against women. Estonia recalls its recommendation from previous cycle in this regard.

Estonia encourages the continuation of efforts in implementing the recommendations from previous UPR cycles and invites Iraq to review its laws and regulations to ensure they are in conformity with its international human rights obligations.

Estonia recommends Iraq to:

  • accede to and fully align its national legislation with the Rome Statute of the ICC;
  • guarantee the respect of the rights to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression, including removing the blocking of social media;
  • accede to the Optional Protocols of the Convention against Torture;
  • accede to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women;
  • abolish the death penalty and ratify the Second Optional Protocol to the ICCPR.


We wish the delegation a successful review meeting.

Thank you!