Universal Periodical Review of the Kingdom of Sweden – Intervention by the delegation of Estonia – 27 January 2019

Estonia warmly welcomes the high level delegation of the Kingdom of Sweden to the UPR’s  35th session. We thank Sweden for their work in preparing the report.

We acknowledge Sweden’s progress in human rights areas since the last UPR and in the implementation of the previous UPR recommendations. Estonia notes Sweden’s great role as an international humanitarian aid donor. Sweden exceeds the UN target for donors, as the Swedish aid allocation is 1% of the GNI.

Estonia highly values the undertakings of Sweden in ensuring full gender equality and the enjoyment of all human rights by women and girls, including by ensuring a high rate of representation of women in political and public life. We encourage taking further steps in supporting the representation of disadvantaged groups of women in decision-making.

Estonia would like to recall its previous recommendation to decriminalize defamation. In addition, we recommend continuing with steps to ensure the Sami people full enjoyment of their indigenous rights, which include access to ancestral lands and maintenance of their traditional ways of living.

We wish the delegation of Sweden a successful review meeting.

Thank you!