UN Human Rights Council 42nd Session – General Debate (Item 3)

UN Human Rights Council 42nd Session
Item 3 – General Debate
13 September 2019
Intervention by ESTONIA


Mr. President,

Estonia fully aligns itself with the statement made by the European Union and would like to address a few issues on its national capacity.

The right to life is the cornerstone of human rights that are universal, interrelated, interdependent, and inherent to every human being. Human dignity is fragile and this articulates even more clearly in conflict situations.

We thank the High Commissioner for organizing and presenting a summary for us of the two-day expert seminar on the human rights-based approach to policies and programmes to reduce preventable maternal mortality and morbidity. With the growing number of protracted and emerging humanitarian situations in the world, it is highly worrying that maternity care is often left without adequate attention in humanitarian assistance. The report clearly demonstrates, that the human rights-based approach does have an added value and could solve many obstacles that women are facing specially in humanitarian situations in regard to their sexual and reproductive health and rights. The human rights-based approach should therefore be further emphasised and streamlined.

To conclude, we reiterate our strong opposition to the death penalty in all circumstances. We call on all countries who have not yet done so, to immediately stop the executions, especially for the offences committed by minors, with the aim of progressively moving towards the abolition of death penalty.

Thank you.