Universal Periodic Review of the Republic of Albania

Universal Periodic Review of the Republic of Albania
6 May 2019
Intervention by the delegation of Estonia

Mr. President,

Estonia welcomes the delegation of the Republic of Albania to its 3rd UPR. We thank for the national report presented and for the additional information given in today.

Estonia welcomes the progress achieved by Albania since the last UPR in 2014 and the further efforts planned to guarantee full compliance with international standards. Estonia highlights Albania’s efforts on its European integration path and encourages further implementation of legal measures and strategies needed to remain on this path. It’s important to remain committed to implementing the justice reform and to establishing a justice system free from bias and corruption.

We welcome the adoption of several national strategies and action plans, including the National Strategy on the Fight against Human Trafficking and the National Agenda for Children’s Rights.

We commend Albania for the amendments to the law on measures against domestic violence and for the steps taken to increase the number of women participating in the political and public life. We would encourage further efforts in combating gender-based and domestic violence, including by providing necessary services for victims, as well as in addressing the gender stereotypes and harmful practices and encourage further actions in these fields.

Estonia would like to make the following recommendations:
• continue addressing the issue of human trafficking as a matter of urgency and ensure adequate protection of trafficking victims and proactive investigation and successful prosecution of all cases of trafficking;
• Continue with the successful measures in facilitating access to compulsory education for all girls and boys, including those belonging to minority groups.

Estonia thanks Albania for its valuable contribution as a member of the Human Rights Council in 2015-2017 and wishes the delegation a successful review meeting.

Thank you!